Saturday, March 26, 2022

Life Lately 3.26.22 [While We Wait...]

Happy March 26th!! This is the day that we've been counting down till, praying for, and waiting for it to come as we anxiously and mainly prayerfully await the arrival of our little one. Since today is the official due date, I wanted to post a few updates on here for our friends and family and also just for us to have to look back on before this sweet new season that we are entering soon. So, this post is just a little bit of everything the past few weeks/months with some links to read more if you want to know more details about any of our recent adventures. And of course, we will keep you updated on when our biggest adventure to date arrives!! 💕💙

The Riddick Home...The Nursery ❤️

The Riddick Home has a new little room upstairs, and I'm excited to share with our sweet Nursery with you! 

Showering Baby Riddick...We are so thankful!

Goodness...have we felt so loved during this incredible season. We can't even begin to thank everyone we need to thank for showering us with so many prayers, gifts, generosity, and love throughout the past few months. I wanted to put these pictures all in one place so that we could look back and always remember these sweet days of celebration before our little one came... 

Celebrating the Big Things...Five Years of Teaching and The Start of a New Season

I can't believe March 10th, 2022 marked a pretty big milestone in our journey so far... With almost five years of teaching under my belt, and three at the sweetest school I know, we are prayerfully taking a step back from teaching as we welcome this little one. 

Celebrating the Big Things...A Family Car 🙏🏼

Wow, goodness, this post is truly just to give glory to the Lord for His timing. We have been praying for a family car for many months now, and as most everyone knows, it's a harder time to try to find a car, especially an affordable used car. My silver Volvo that I've had since high school has been the biggest blessing to us, but with almost 250,000 miles and a few too many quirks to feel the best about welcoming a baby in it, we were on the search. We had test driven a few throughout the past few months, but they just haven't been the car that we needed.