Wednesday, August 31, 2022

What's Up Wednesday [August 2022]

Happy Wednesday!! Here we are in the middle of the week, and I can't believe September starts tomorrow!!! Pierce and I always have a small debate every year about when the beginning of fall is aka...when I can start decorating around here hahaha We usually land in the middle of September, so I'll still be soaking up the summer life a little while longer over here...

But today I'm joining a little blog link-up about just a bit of our life these days...hope you enjoy some of these little tidbits as you drink your tea or coffee on this last day of August!! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The First Few Weeks with Jane Arbel ❤️

Happy Tuesday!! This morning, I have my tissue box in one hand and phone in the other as I've been scrolling back through the first few weeks with our sweet Jane...hahaha semi-kidding, but also wondering where the last almost five months have gone?! 

We've truly been soaking it up, but I thought today I could share some sweet pictures of the first few weeks for us to have to look back on one day and for you to get a little glimpse into the beginning days of our family of three. 

Monday, August 29, 2022

The Riddick Home...Our Screened-In Porch

Happy Monday!! We had the best, most simple and relaxing weekend, and we were so thankful for it!! I can't believe it is already Monday morning, but we are up and at'em and ready for the full week ahead!! 

As I was thinking about blog posts this week, I realized that I haven't really ever shared our back porch and patio area. It's such a special place to us, and although it's got through so many changes since we've lived here, it's always one of our favorite places to spend a morning, an evening, or a night with friends. 

So I thought I'd share a few pictures and didn't seasons of this sweet little space!!

Hope you enjoy a small outside tour of the Riddick Home!! 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Friday Favorites [8.26.22]

Happy Friday!! We are so looking forward to a simple weekend at home this weekend... Our lives have been full speed ahead, so it's been nice to slow down a bit as we get ready for September... 

And with our slower week, I just have some simple Friday Favorites for you! A small random assortment of things we are loving these days. Hope that you enjoy looking through these as you find small blessings throughout your days as well!!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Buccaneers vs Titans Game

Happy Thursday!!! So close to the weekend... We have been loving this simple week at home...getting back into routines and just taking it easy while we recover from the past few weeks. Today, I thought it would be fun to recap how we finished off our busy birthday week at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. 

My dad is a HUGE Bucs fan - he and my mom grew up down there and they've been loyal fans through the thick and thin...but then Brady came along and it's been pretty much only thick since then 😂 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Jackson 2022

Happy Wednesday!! This morning I thought I'd share some pictures from our trip last week out to Jackson Hole. We really have come to love this place so much... I wrote about some of our favorite memories out there here, but this time was a favorite because we had our sweet Jane with us. ☺️

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Reflections from the Riddicks

Good morning!!! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are doing well and had a great weekend and start to your week! I have missed this little space the past few days! We needed yesterday to recover a little from our week and get laundry, life and the house back in a little order... 

I wondered where I should start with all of life recently for this blog post, but then I thought that we have done so much and learned so many little things throughout our adventures, and I didn't want to forget any of them, so I thought I'd start a little blog series called "Reflections from the Riddicks." 😂 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Happy Birthday to Our Dads!

Well, August 18th...such a fun day for us because it is BOTH of our dad's crazy, right?! So today we are celebrating all things Jim and Pretlow. They have taught us both more than we could ever put into words, and we love that we get a day to celebrate them!!

We are in Jackson today celebrating Pierce's dad, Pretlow, and we are flying home tomorrow to celebrate my dad, Jim, at a Buccaneers football game on Saturday. Such a special week!! 

But today I thought it would be sweet just to share a few of our favorite pictures throughout the years. There are obviously a million, but here are just a few for your August 18th! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Best of Jackson

Good morning from Jackson, Wyoming!!! After eight hours of travel, two time zones, and a very exhausted baby, we made it and are soaking in the amazing air, beautiful sky and sweet time with family. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Life Lately [8.16.22]

Happy Tuesday!! And happy 1st day of school to so many of my favorites!! It's crazy for me to think that on the first day of school, instead of being up early, packing a lunch and headed to greet students, I am up early, packing us for a flight, and headed to the airport. We didn't realize the timing when we booked our flights, but are excited for the adventure ahead. 

Today I thought I'd share a little of our life lately. Just a little of what we've been up to for your Tuesday morning!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Featured Photos #3

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had such a great weekend!! We had a low-key weekend on the books, but Friday night we decided to take a deep dive into a home project we had been dreaming about for so long, so you can find our living room looking like a construction site at the moment hahaha Can't wait to share soon though!!
But today as we start the week, house in disarray and packing our bags to leave tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to share a few more Featured Photos. Thanks for your sweet feedback about loving those posts - it's always so fun for me too to walk down memory lane and see what my phone pulls up on my "Featured Photo" album. 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Favorites 8.12.22

Good morning!!! It's Friday!! We are so excited about this sweet weekend we have coming up. We are laying low and getting ready for our trip next week to visit Pierce's parents and celebrate his dad's 60th birthday!! We are looking forward to all these next few weeks hold...

Today I have a few Friday Favorites for you...and as I was really thinking about our favorites these past few weeks, most of them are just sweet moments in everyday life. But that's where we are right now and those truly are our favorites. So, here are a few to share for your Friday. ☺️

Thursday, August 11, 2022

DC Trip - 2022 [Part Two]

It's Thursday!! One of my favorite days of the week. Mainly I think because when Pierce and I were dating long distance, we always carved out Thursday nights as our "date night." We would FaceTime and watch a movie, cook a meal, play a game, or just do something fun and creative for the night that made us feel like we were "together." Fast forward six years and we are still loving our Thursdays..most times these days we just have a little four month old with us as well  😂 

Nevertheless, here we are on a Thursday, and we are still dreaming about these sweet few days in DC! If you missed the few pictures from Jane's first plane ride and meeting her sweet cousin, you can read about that here, but hope you enjoy reading about the last few days of our trip!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Let's Look...How We Do Everyday Cleaning

Happy Wednesday!! Here we are in the middle of the week, and I thought it'd be fun to pop into another Blog Link-Up this month..."How We Do Everyday Cleaning..."

I've blogged two other Let's Look posts...about Bathroom Organization and How We Stay Healthy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sur La Table

Happy Tuesday!!! We are in full swing of getting back into a normal week with lots of tutoring, meetings at work for Pierce and fun nights on the calendar. I hope you all are having a great week and enjoying the last few days of summer or the first days of school too! Today I thought it would be fun to document a sweet little date night that Pierce planned last week at Sur La Table.

Monday, August 8, 2022

DC Trip - 2022 [Part One]

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had such a good weekend! Even though there is no school in store for me this week, I still feel like my mind is so used to August being a fresh start, so we cleaned and organized a bit this weekend, caught up on laundry, and are ready to start our busy week on this Monday morning!!
Today I thought it'd be fun to share a few pictures from our time in DC last week. We had the best time visiting Logan and Jessy, Pierce's brother and sister-in-law, and meeting their sweet little two-week old Lucy! It was also Jane's first plane ride, and we packed in a ton on those four busy days, so I thought I'd split it into two posts!! Here's a few pictures from the beginning of the trip your Monday! 

Friday, August 5, 2022

Happy 4 Months, Jane!!

Ahh how is Jane already four months?! It's the sweetest day to celebrate every 5th of the month, and we thank the Lord for the gift of Jane Arbel. 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

A Favorite Baby Gift - Homemade Burp Cloths

Happy Thursday!! How is this week flying by?! Hope you all are enjoying the start of August!! It's always such a busy month for us with four family birthdays, three anniversaries and this year two big trips with Jane!! We are soaking up every minute though and excited for the cooler weather that's hopefully coming soon!

Today I thought I'd share a little project that is a fun one for any baby shower/gift. One of my best friends made us these sweet homemade burp cloths at our shower in February. Her and her mom make them for all of the new babies in their family, and we were so excited that they included us in their tradition!! 

They quickly became our favorite burp cloths, so when our little niece Lucy was born, I knew I had to make them some! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Featured Photos #2

Happy Wednesday from Nashville!!! And Happy First Day of Inservice to all of my favorite teachers!!! 🥰🍎 

We got home yesterday afternoon and are missing our sweet little niece's cuddles already, but we're looking forward to all that these next few weeks hold! I can't wait to share about our trip soon, but today I thought I'd do another Featured Photos post!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

DC Trip - 2020

Good morning!! We're still in DC and loving our time with two (now three) of our favorites. ☺️ It's been the best weekend with family!!
I thought since we're here today, it could be fun to write a little post about our first trip to DC back in 2020. Logan and Jessy had just recently moved there and Pierce was working remote that summer, so we packed up and headed up there to see them that July. Because of the nature of that summer, all the sights were pretty empty, so we loved touring on our bikes and getting to see the city for the first time. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

August Goals

The first day of August!! On a Monday, too! I hope you guys have such a great start to the week and month!! We are waking up in DC this morning - loving on Pierce's brother and sister-in-law and our newest little niece. Today I thought I'd share just a few goals for this fresh and clean new month! 

Most months, Pierce and I make goals for things we hope to do/see/create/finish in the month. Sometimes, we get to check off everything on the list, and sometimes, they get moved to a different month, but it's always fun to have something to look to throughout the month.