Thursday, March 9, 2023

Frame This Moment.

Happy Thursday!!! I hope everyone is having a good week!! It's a sweet Frame This Moment day over here!! I've had a similar frame this moment before, but this week, this morning was too sweet not to pause and want to try to remember forever.
Oh, my heart. I love these two, and I loved this morning. 
I came downstairs one morning right after Pierce had gotten Jane, and I walked around the corner to see this. Cue all the tears hahaha I thought it was so precious. We've been giving Jane her little devotional in the morning if she's up when we read, and it's the cutest to see her loving it and sitting next to her Daddy while he reads his.
I snuggled up with them, and just tried to soak in that sweet morning. Her little eyes and her little self just cozied up in the middle. She was content for a little to just sit and read and look at her pictures while we finished our reading before the day got started. 

It was just a little moment in time that I loved. And I thought it would be the perfect frame this moment this week. Little Jane, we love you and we pray you always start your morning off spending time with the Lord ❤️

What is your frame this moment this week?! I'm not kidding when I say it truly MAKES my day to see them! I have loved each and every one. Seeing everyone's walks of life and the simple joys and moments that comes along with each is so special!! Thanks for joining me in this fun practice of finding sweet moments to be grateful for and thankful for! 

Here's to enjoying the little things, celebrating the big things, and soaking in all the moments in-between! 

I'll plan on seeing you back here tomorrow!!

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