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Let's Look - Best Amazon Finds

Happy Wednesday!!! Today I thought it would be fun to join in on Let's Look this month. We are looking at our best Amazon Finds! Goodness, we love Amazon over here... 

When I was thinking about our best finds and looking through our past orders, I thought it would be fun to break it down into a few categories. I thought long and hard about these categories 😂  But I tried to pick a few that basically describe our life right now... And within those categories, I chose the top three things we love, use, buy consistently, give as gifts, talk about all the time...basically, just our all-time favorites. I realized that almost everything on here are items that we use almost every single day. So, this post really just sums up The Riddick Family via Amazon right now in this season hahaha 

So, without further ado, here is a little look at some of The Riddicks' favorite Amazon Finds... 

It only seems right that this would be our first category...our life in the past year has definitely been changed by our little Jane, which in turned changed our "Recent Amazon Orders" quite a bit hahaha There were plenty to choose from, but I chose the top three that I think we use most often and love the most! 

This is the first one that popped into my head before I even scrolled through our Recent Orders... 

It was a game changer for us. Several people had told me about it before Jane was born, and when she was a few weeks old, we realized it might be good to have a little sound machine for her carseat when we went to restaurants/louder places/etc. I ordered this one, and I'm not kidding when I say I think we used it every day of her little life. 
Three week old little Jane... 
It was never too far honestly 😂 We had so many friends buy one when they saw it. It's just a perfect little thing. It has three different settings of sounds and it has lulled little Jane to sleep countless times. Now, she loves to play with the green rings and we save it for long road trips, but it has definitely been one of our most used and loved Amazon finds. 

The second one that came to mind is this little popper. I had these in my classroom for morning tubs and one ended up at our house, and it quickly became Jane's favorite. 
Then a sweet family friend's little girl gave Jane another while we were at their house one night, and that meant one was never very far. 
Jane still plays with these to this day and actually pops them in and out. It's almost always her toy choice when we go on walks hahaha 

And the third that came to mind was this little Beginner's Bible.
We are using an old one that me and my siblings grew up with, but this little Bible has been such a sweet find. In our life and nighttime routine and in my classroom. 
The pictures and stories are sweet and so simple. We have a few others that we also pull out, but this one is usually just right for bedtime. 

And there are a million more, but honestly those are the three that first popped into my head!! 

This is a fun topic and may just need to be a post all by itself...along with Baby hahaha But here are the top three things we love and use daily!!!

I worked long and hard on our baby registry...aka meaning totally and completely becoming overwhelmed with all of the thousands of baby products out there... This could be a whole topic or series in and of itself honestly hahaha I knew we were pretty simple and didn't need too many things, so I honestly forwent a lot of the "products" that were must haves. But this one was just recommended over and over and over again, so we pulled the trigger for the nursery right before Jane was born, and goodness, I don't know where we'd be without this thing. 😂 

This little wipe dispenser is one of our favorite brands and now one of our favorite little products. 
It lives on her little dresser and we use it every. single. day. Multiple times a day in fact haha It's well-made and has been a perfect little addition. We also love that we can get our favorite wipes via a subscription with Amazon - it's been a life saver for us in this crazy, busy season! 

Ok for this second one, I originally was thinking our wipe subscription, but this little Hatch is something we seriously use every day. 
I had put it on our registry when Jane was born, and it has been such a great little addition to our nursery. It is a little nightlight, a little music box, and the best little sound machine for naps and bedtime. It hooks to your phone via bluetooth, and we just love it so much!! 

And for the third, Lamp Dimmers. This one sounds crazy, but these little things have basically revolutionized our whole world hahaha I had a sweet mom friend tell me about these before Jane was born for middle of the night feedings, and I invested in a few and have never looked back. We now have these for the lamps beside our bed too. You just plug them into the wall and and then plug your lamp into them...I like to tape them behind a dresser or nightstand just to make the cord "pileage" a little less haha (This Mavalus Tape is your best friend when it comes to that!!)
As a lamp lover, they are just too great. I can't recommend them enough for any lamp in your house...not even just for a nursery. 

I thought this would be a fun category with all of the sunshine and warmer weather on the horizon!! 

And this little guy was the first thing that popped into my head. 
We bought one of these little flamingos two summers ago to take up to my parents' pool, and it's now a staple every summer!
To me, it just makes summer, July 4th, and every sunny day a little more fun!!! 

The second summer find is this little float for Jane. 
We had it last year in my parents pool, and this little girl could have just floated around all afternoon I think. She liked being on her stomach more, but it also supports them on their back too. We grabbed a bigger size for this summer and for our trip coming up at the end of the month too!!  

And for the third best summer find, I honestly don't normally buy clothes on Amazon, but one summer I grabbed these little summer blue jean shorts and wore them on the 4th of July. They were so fun, and instantly became my summer July 4th shorts. I love them every time this fun holiday rolls around!! 

Oh...the kitchen. A big part of our life right now 😂 

And to start us off, Jane's even bigger part of our life right now hahaha We truly use this thing every single day. And multiple times every day. It's made so well, cleans so easily, and truly was such a perfect investment for her meals. We love it so much! 
But we love HER in it even more!! 😍

If you've been around for a while, you know Pierce and I have been a tad obsessed with these chocolate peanut butter cups (We've been mainly using this recipe - so yummy!!). But we recently invested in these little silicone molds, and let me tell you, we get sad if these are empty in our freezer hahaha 
We had been using ice trays, which worked well, but this elevated this snack and made it so much easier to make, and for some reason, it feels like it just tastes better eating a real homemade "peanut butter cup." 

And finally, it wouldn't be a Riddick Family blog post without a little mention of hot tea right?! Hahaha These little empty tea bags are so perfect for loose leaf tea. I've talked a little bit about my favorite teas here (you can also find my favorite herbal earl grey here and our newest mocha mint favorite here), but these get used almost every morning in our house. 
We are definitely a hot tea family over here!! 
And as a little bonus - we used to get this honey off of Amazon, but now we order it directly from their website. It's Canadian raw honey and just the best!! I use it in my tea almost every day and Pierce even uses it in his coffee sometimes too! Incase you're on the lookout for one!!

And last but not ☺️

Well, I'm not sure in how many people's world a vacuum would be fun, but for me, this is seriously one of the most fun purchases we have made!

Our little Dyson Vacuum... I talked a little bit about this in my how we do everyday cleaning post that you can read here, but this little purchase was a favorite.  We saved up a little and bought it on a day Amazon was offering a great deal. It gets used every day, if not multiple times a day... From Jane's coconut at breakfast to dirt from outside in the middle of the afternoon and a quick sweep of the kitchen at night...we love this thing. I take it out to our car with the small attachment usually when we get home from road trips or really anywhere in our house that needs a quick pick-up. It's just quick and easy and we seriously love it!! Definitely one of the most used and loved purchases as well!! 

This little waterproof notepad is definitely one of the most fun Amazon finds, and we love having this thing in our shower. It has held everything from prayer lists to to-do before Jane is born to idea lists of names we love - we truly use it all the time. 

And last but not least, this little summer dress (with pockets!) Like I said, I don't really order a lot of clothes off of Amazon usually, but somehow I came across this dress a while ago, and I just fell in love.
It was my first day of school dress and parent night dress...
And I have it in navy too and have worn it to multiple rehearsal dinners and events. (I was actually 4 1/2 months pregnant here and it still fit perfectly!) 

It's one of my most fun finds for sure - and it comes in a million different colors!!! Hope it's the perfect dress if you're looking for a fun one this summer!!!

And there you have it!!!! Just a little random assortment of some of our very favorite Amazon finds in this season!!! I'm dying to know what yours are?! Any fun suggestions?!! I can't wait to hear! Thanks Shay and Erika for the fun blog link-up! I can't wait to be back here tomorrow!!

Thanks for following along!!! 
Lots of blessing and happy shopping!

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