Thursday, March 16, 2023

Frame This Moment.

Thursday!!! The best day of the week over here. Hope you all are having such a great week so far! 

Today’s Frame This Moment is truly one of the sweetest moments. I hope I remember it forever. I also included a bonus moment because it was a first that was just too cute not to document!! I hope you guys are finding these sweet moments in your days and weeks too that cause you to stop and be grateful for a moment in time to remember and frame!! What a blessing to get to enjoy the little things!! 

Ok, happy Frame This Moment Day!!

Oh, be still my heart. My friends, we officially have a little step taker on our hands. When we were at my parents’ house this weekend, my mom grabbed her phone and snapped this little video of Jane walking toward me reaching for the balloon. It was one of her first big collection of steps all at one time. This is a snapshot of the end when she dove into my arms. *Cue all the tears!!!* Hahaha I know we will just treasure this little video and snapshot forever. It had to be my frame this moment this week because it really is a moment in time to stop and treasure. Sheesh, how are we already here?! 

I love you, Jane, and am so proud of you!! We love watching you grow up!! 
And the bonus moment this week is a little "Lunch with Daddy" at work! We brought Pierce lunch one day this week, and Jane was just eating it up. Lunch, yes 😂 But just being in his office and exploring,  saying hi to everyone who walked by... It was the sweetest day. I got up to grab a paper towel and when I turned around, I knew I had to snap this picture. One of Pierce's coworkers said she still remembers lunches at her Dad's office as one of her favorite memories growing up! I hope they'll be some of Jane's too!!! I also love how they both smiled for this picture hahaha 

And there you have it!! Just two little Moments in Time. To look back on and remember and try to remember all the sweetness that made these moments so special. As always, thanks for sharing yours!!! It's truly my very favorite to see them!! Thanks for following along with our little family!!

I'll see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!! Here's to enjoying the little things, celebrating the big things, and soaking in all the moments in-between!!
Lots of blessings, 


I love hearing from you!! Thanks for following along in this little journey of ours!