Wednesday, March 8, 2023

March Goals

Happy Wednesday!!! It always feels like I'm several days into the month by the time I post these goals, but I guess it always gives me a few extra days to think about the month ahead! Here is just a little look at a few March goals with a look back on February too. It's been so fun hearing all of your goals as well! What a productive 2023 it has already set out to be!!! 
I feel like March is a transition month with spring just knocking at the door and winter finishing it's last of the cold days and nights (One can really only hope in Nashville. April can still hold freezes for sure, but I like to tell myself it's the last of it.) 

So we're looking at a full month ahead - this time last year my goals were to finish out my year teaching and preparing for maternity leave, setting up the nursery, and having everything ready for sweet Baby Riddick! What a crazy difference this March looks like!!

But before we get to March's goals, here's a little look back on February's...
Oh this sweet month of red and pink!! I already miss it! Hahaha 

1. Make a decision about one item every day. 

I'm happy to say this is a new favorite rhythm over here. The amount of things that have left little spaces in our house is pretty mind boggling. Some have been given to friends, most have been placed in our donate boxes, or recycled if it's something that lived in our home still even though it was empty/used all the way. The other day, Pierce and I both said it just feels like you can breathe a little easier around here, and we're all for it. There are still lots of little areas that we're working on, and I'm sure we'll be doing an item a day for a while longer over here, but it's been a great "Start Small" for us!

2. Get Jane's clothes ready for the Consignment Sale. 

Oh my, a whole new world that's for sure 😂 I had a sweet mom friend walk me through this sale, and it was fun to experience all the ins and outs. I was thankful for her help, and we were even more thankful for a few little sales to help us buy Jane some summer things!

3. Order groceries for the week every weekend. 

This has also become such a staple of our 2023 over here. We've tried ordering them on different days of the week, but the most consistent has been picking them up on the way home from church on Sundays. We plan on having açaí bowls for lunch as Jane goes down for a nap and we put away groceries and plan for the week ahead! Thankful for helpful little rhythms in this season! 

Now for March... 
1. Get everything ready for our trip with Pierce's family. 

Pierce's parents have been so generous in planning such a fun trip at the end of the month to celebrate his mom's 60th birthday. The whole family and two babies (Jane and her cousin Lucy) are headed on an excursion, and I am trying to make sure we have everything we need and feel prepared for Jane's first time out of the country!! Ahh! Haha! This is a big goal this month for sure. 

2. Gather my thoughts, dates, budgets, and lists for all of our events in April. 

I knew I needed to put this on my March list because April is already so full. It's such a sweet month with Easter, Jane's birthday, her first birthday party, her dedication at church, and a friend's baby shower that we're hosting! It's full, and I need to gather my thoughts for all that's coming (not to mention all of the other important parts of every event haha)

3. Declutter our linen closet. 

And this last one has been on list for a while, and I figured this month might be as good as ever to make it a goal. Apparently, I have just been on a non-fiction kick book wise these days because I have also been loving "Decluttering at the Speed of Life." It's been such a fun read and so practical, and it's inspired me to keep up our one item a day life. This month though, I hope to use some of her practical tips and get to a closet that has always been overwhelming for me. I'm starting small and know any progress will be great, but I'll still take any luck you want to wish. 😂 

And that about wraps it up for our March... I'm sure it'll also be filled with lots of time outside, many tutoring sessions, fun meals and dates and time with family... We love the beginning of Spring!! What are your goals for March?! I'd love to hear what you're working on!!! Here's to having such a productive month!! And ringing in such a fun season of spring!! 

I'll plan on seeing you back here tomorrow!!

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