Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday Favorites - Game Nights, Fire Nights, and Family Time

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Hope everyone is having the best day with lots of fun and green on the docket for today!! We are so happy it's Friday and so looking forward to our weekend. We have lots of family time and a long to-do list to get ready for our next trip coming up soon!! Today I just have a few favorites over here right now for you!! I hope you're finding fun little joys throughout your days as well!! Here's a little look at some of ours this week!!


Well, pretty much all of my favorites rolled into one. We are loving our game and tea nights. When you add our newest fave with those Cashew Butter Cookies from Simple Mills - it’s just hard to beat. We are also on a Sequence quick these days. We took it up to my parents’ house this weekend too and pretty much played all weekend haha it’s a fun one. If you have any favorite family games, I’ll take any suggestions!! I’m collecting some to take on our trip with Pierce’s family!!

Speaking of family, this is truly one of my favorite places to be with family. This fire pit in my parents’ back yard has housed more middle school fall parties, college fall breaks, and summer hot dogs and s’mores than one could probably count. We love when it’s perfect weather for a fire when we head up there!
I love sitting with this guy around the fire, and it was so fun to have Jane experience it for a little bit too!!
And I loved getting to watch these two love being outside all day and night putting the fire together and keeping it going. It’s definitely a sweet place to be!!

Speaking of Jane and family, she was LOVING all of the time with her grandparents and goodness. She is definitely loved that's for sure!! 
She even got her very own wagon ride around the property that my dad had set up for her hahaha she was heaven let me tell you!! We love that she loves it up there!! 

And speaking of things that we love, I love when I find this girl in a pile of seriously just does my heart good... I hope she always loves looking at books!!

This little snapshot is also a favorite over here this week. This girl loves music let me tell ya... She takes after her daddy in that realm, and now that she's getting around our house, I looked over from the kitchen one night and she was on her tiptoes trying to reach the keys to play 😂  She's been playing since she could move her little arms thanks to Pierce, my mom, and her highchair fitting perfectly under the piano hahaha We love her and we love this little picture! (Almost as much as she loves music!!) 

And last but not least, incase you missed yesterday's Frame This Moment, this was absolutely a favorite this week! This little girl is prancing around our house like a little baby deer, and it's seriously just the absolute sweetest to watch!! We love you, Jane!!

And that about does it for our Friday Favorites over here...just a few fun little joys from our week!!! Thanks for following along and thanks Erika and Andrea for a fun blog link-up!! And thanks for reading and following along with our little family! I hope you all have such a wonderful weekend!! We will be working hard on our packing to-do list, and I'll plan on being back here on Tuesday before we head out later in the week!!! Have the best weekend! 

Happy Friday!!! 
Lots of blessings, 


  1. Loving all your recent posts! Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite board games! I think you guys would love this one (for up to 5 players- I think it’s better with at least 3!) Have the best weekend!! -Jennifer

    1. Ahhh this has been the next game on our list for so long!!! So fun that you love it!! We are definitely going to have to get it soon!! Thanks for the fun recommendation ☺️ Hope you guys are doing well!!!! 🥰


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