Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday Favorites - Tutoring, Fun Snacks, and Jane Climbing

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I know these few weeks are filled with spring break sprinkled in for most, so if you're spring break is starting, I hope you had such a great week coming up!!! 

One year ago today I finished my last day of teaching before my maternity leave started. I can't believe it's already been a year!! You can read a little bit more about that transition here

But today we are headed up to Louisville for the weekend to spend some time with my family, and then our "spring break" trip is coming up at the end of March with Pierce's family. So we're looking forward to some fun family memories this month!! 

Today I just have a little assortment of favorites around here. A little life lately and just a few things we're loving too!! I hope you're finding those simple joys in your day too!! Here's a little look at some of ours!! 

This little one has been such a champ in this afternoons when I am tutoring. She *usually* plays and waits patiently for Pierce to get home while I'm in my sessions. She's a sweet little buddy for sure as we figure out this new season. 

This is a favorite over here these days... I had heard of these, and being a gummie lover, I knew I had to try them. I used to love any and all gummies, but had kind of taken a break from most because of all of the ingredients, but these were perfect! Just fruit and still so yummy!! A fun little snack for sure!! 

Oh, this little girl! She is climbing up a storm these days...from surprising us all climbing up the playground and trying to make it as far up on the slide as she could... 
To mastering her little climbing triangle... 
And making it as far up the stairs as we'll let her go....this little girl is keeping us on our toes over here!! We love watching her grow and explore though!!

Speaking of growing and exploring though, when did she get so big?! I feel like she's changing over night these days!!

And lastly, a favorite for us all was when a few books randomly came with us in the car one morning. She was mesmerized for much longer than any of us thought, and now we always try to keep a few in there for our little trips around town, and definitely are taking a few for our road trip to Louisville later this morning. I snapped this one afternoon when I was putting her in the car and sent it to Pierce. I don't know what having a toddler is like....but it sure feels like I'm getting a lot closer!! So bittersweet in so many ways ❤️

But that about does it for just a few little favorites and snapshots around here this week. Thanks for following along and thanks Erika and Andrea for a fun blog link-up!! I'll plan to be back on here on Tuesday, as I'm soaking up this longer weekend with family!! I hope everyone has the very best weekend!! 

Lots of blessings,

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