Tuesday, March 7, 2023

From the Riddick Kitchen

Oh my, the amount of times I've started typing this post and pausing is a little crazy, so it seemed like such an appropriate post to make my 200th on here!!! 
The Riddick Kitchen...a place that we love to be, spend so much of our time, and really do feel like it's such a heartbeat of our home. 
The space isn't anything special, and there's a list a mile long of updates we'd love to do and make it more what we love, but for now on our small budget, we make the most of this sweet little room and space. I wrote a little bit more about the actual space here if you want to see more of where most of these meals take place. 
Pierce and I have been making meals together since we started dating in the summer of 2017, so we've collected a good list of ones that we love, ones that we've worn out completely, ones that are tried and true and still make it on our weekly dinner list, along with simple ones, complicated ones, fun ones, spicy ones, and seasonal ones. I think I'll try to just share them periodically as we make them for dinner!! 
When I read The Lazy Genius this past January, I also read her Lazy Genius Kitchen, and when it came to meals, it reminded me that a family really does operate off of what's most important to them. And when it comes to meals, I think healthy ingredients and tastiness usually matters most to us, even if that means a little bit more expensive groceries and a little longer in the kitchen making the meals. I know this isn't what matters most to everyone, and I know seasons change and priorities shift, but for the most part, that's where we are right now. I wrote a little bit more about staying healthy here, and don't get me wrong, we still love our Cane's splurges and plenty of our recipes aren't the healthiest, but it's kind of an overarching house rule we've come to live by over here... 
When it comes to our flour, pasta, and bread, we pretty much love our Berlin Bakery
They have a small bakery in Ohio and use spelt flour instead of wheat, and we love their products so much. Their flour, pasta, and Country Italian bread are just some of our very favorites. 
I wrote a little bit about some of our favorite cookbooks here, but we love The Defined Dish, and a lot of our very favorite recipes have been adapted from hers. 
We pretty much only cook with olive oil, although we love some good butter and coconut oil from time to time, especially in baked goods. And we are a true believer in Trader Joe's 21 Seasonings. We try to make it a rule to never run out around here haha 
And of course this year, we added another little addition to all of our time in the kitchen. Sweet Jane's been eating with us at the table since she was a few days old 😂 
And now she's eating us out of house and home over here and usually devours about anything and everything that we're eating for dinner too. 
And as the most recent addition in our home, thanks to an amazing Facebook Marketplace deal, she has now acquired her own little place to "cook" while we cook. 😉 

So much more to come on that, but there's just a little look at so many different aspects of this "From the Riddick Kitchen" series that is so fun to be starting!! 

I hope these recipes are fun to read, inspire a little creativity and that at least one makes it into your homes at some point in the future!!!

Thanks to following along, and here's to a fun series of just sharing some of our favorite recipes from our Riddick Kitchen!! 

The Riddicks 


  1. Aww, I look forward to reading your kitchen posts and seeing what sweet Jane cooks up in her own little kitchen! 🥰

    1. Aww thank you, Alinda!!! Always so happy to see your name on here 🥰 Thanks for following along!!

  2. Will you please do a post on how y'all use the Notes/Reminders app for your favorite recipes?

    1. Oh, yes!! That's a great idea!!! I'm writing it down now for a post for next week!! Thanks for the suggestion, Kerry!!


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