Tuesday, March 7, 2023

From the Riddick Kitchen - BBQ Chicken Pizza

When we were thinking of recipes to put on here first, this one was absolutely at the top. 
This BBQ Chicken Pizza... We have made this too many times to even count, and we laugh at the amount of times people tell us they still make it after having it over here for dinner. BBQ Chicken has always been such a favorite of ours, and this recipe just came about one night and has been adapted over the years. Sometimes we use Berlin Bakery crust, but most times, we use a Cauliflower crust from Whole Foods that we love. Whatever you put it on, it's always just the perfect end to a Friday night or a quick meal for our weekdays too. 

Hope you love it if you try it and it blesses your family!! 

Pizza Crust (Berlin Bakery or Cauliflower Crust) 
Olive Oil 
21 Seasonings, Salt and Pepper (And Oregano on top)
BBQ Sauce (We love Kansas City Love from Whole Foods) 
Pepper Jack Cheese
Chicken (Any type of cooked/grilled chicken will work - I will have to share our favorite recipe soon!) 
Diced Jalapeño 
Diced Red Onion (optional) 

Coat the pizza crust with olive oil 
Sprinkle salt, pepper, and 21 Seasonings
Spread BBQ Sauce
Sprinkle shredded cheese, cut chicken, and diced jalapeños (and onion) over the top
Top with a little more cheese, BBQ sauce, and a dusting of Salt and Oregano
For our Cauliflower Crust (Whole Foods 365), we do 400º for 12 minutes and for Berlin Bakery, we do 350º for 18-20 minutes. 

A few years ago, Pierce's mom got me this pizza cutter and this pizza peel that we love so much along with our pizza stone. It makes all the difference in making it a fun pizza night for sure! 

And there you go...just a little recipe for your Tuesday incase you're looking to add a fun new pizza recipe to your rotation! We hope you love it!!!

Here's to many more fun recipes coming your way soon!!
Tab and Pierce

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