Thursday, March 28, 2024

Frame This Moment - Jane's Last "Lap Child" Flight

Happy Thursday!!! We are BACK!! And today I thought such a perfect moment to frame was this sweet snapshot from Jane's last "lap child" flight. We had to really think hard, but we're almost positive this was her 28th flight with us! Wow!!! It's such a sweet moment to frame though, and we LOVED this season of traveling with her!!!
This little girl really has been around the country and then some, and we celebrated her last little flight under two... We've learned a lot traveling with this little nugget, but wouldn't trade these sweet trips for the world! This time, she was SO excited to go on an "airplane" - even held her ticket to get scanned and walked down the jetway all by herself. 
She hopped on a plane with us when she was three months old, and in the next 20 months went on many more trips to many different places. From Wyoming to Texas to DC, New York and Belize, this little one has had her fair share of amazing flights and definitely a hand full of hard ones, but the many loads of luggage, extra carryons, bags full of snacks and books and toys, diaper changes, and long travel days have absolutely been worth it. 
We know traveling will look different when baby number two comes, but we hope we always remember this sweet season with our little "lap child" and all the memories that have come along with those flights. 
She's grown fast in these two years!! 
From little rattles in Daddy's lap... 
To drawing on Mommy's with headphones on... (That actually were not plugged in to anything...just her VERY favorite thing to wear on an "airplane" hahaha) 
We have loved watching her grow and her love for different things change, but I pray her love for airplanes and travel always continues to grow!!
Little Janie, we can't wait to travel with you more and can't believe you're *almost* old enough now to have your very own seat!! 

What a fun season it has been, and what a treat to get to celebrate just a little milestone in her little life. And that's just a simple frame this moment for your Thursday!! We had such a sweet trip, and I can't wait to share more!! But in the meantime, thanks as always for sharing your moments too!!! Here's to enjoying the little things, celebrating the big things, and soaking in all the moments in-between!!!

I'll plan on seeing you back here tomorrow!
Lots of blessings!!! And Happy Thursday!!

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