Friday, March 22, 2024

Friday Favorites - Exploring Nashville, Baby Riddick Update, and Texas Bound!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I can't believe we are already to the weekend!! It has been a full and busy week over here, but we've loved having so many people in our home and can't believe we have tickets with our names on them for the weekend too. I'm off to *hopefully* finish a painting project in the house, clean and pack, all while making the most of this rainy day with Jane! I hope you all have such a wonderful weekend!! Here are just a few snapshots and simple joys for your Friday morning!! 

The first was a few fun days of spring break with this guy and this cutie girl smiling in the back! We made the most of some time off with new breakfast places, new parks, and lots of time outside in the sunshine and exploring our sweet city!! Just always a favorite!!!!

Well, another favorite is we are officially in the third trimester at 29 weeks over here!! It feels hard to believe that soon we'll be in a single-digit countdown! We are so thankful for this little one, and although we still have lots to do, we are SO looking forward to June this summer!!! 

Speaking of babies, we had the sweetest baby shower at our house on Saturday morning. This marks Baby Shower #3 for our small group, and they have all been Baby Boy Showers, and I LOVE having all the blue and white in the house!!! This sweet shower was hosted by her three sisters, and from the food to the decor, everything was just perfect!!
This one was from last spring 💙
And this sweet one last fall! Using this home to welcome and celebrate new life is one of my VERY favorite things ever, and I'm so grateful for the gift to get to do so!!!
I snapped this picture before the shower... 
Which took me back to snapping THIS one February 2022 before Jane's sweet shower!!! You can read a little bit more about that sweet morning and season here. I can't believe it's already been over two years!! 

Simple days at home will just always, always be my very favorite though!!! They make up many of our days around here, and I just couldn't love them more!! 

And number five is three Riddicks being off again to Texas for a long weekend to see Pierce's family!! 
From when Jane was just three months old... 
To last spring and our first international trip... 
To fun Christmas trips to New York, we've been on our fair share of planes, and Jane is SO excited for this weekend!! 
This will be Jane's last few flights as a lap child... 
Which I truly can't believe!! You can see lots of our travel posts here, including a few travel tips and how we applied for Jane's passport here.

And really that about does it for today because we are off to finish up some house things, pack and head down to sweet Texas! We'll be back to Nashville a few days into next week, so it might be Thursday before I'm back in the blog world!!! Thanks as always for following along and thanks Erika and Andrea for the fun blog link-up today! 

Sending lots of love this Friday!!


  1. It sounds like you had a fab spring break with trips out and the baby shower. How lovely.

    1. Thanks so much, Kim!! It was a definitely a really sweet break!! Happy almost weekend to you ☺️


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