Thursday, March 21, 2024

Frame This Moment - A Spring Break Afternoon

Happy, happy Thursday!!! We are so thankful for a fun Thursday ahead! And so thankful for another little Frame This Moment from last week.
Pierce had a few days totally off of work and then worked from home for a day or two as well, and one afternoon after Jane's nap, we all found ourselves on our patio having a little afternoon snack, and I had to snap a picture. Pierce was finishing up his last few minutes of work, and we were loving the sunshine and spring weather with some apples and peanut butter. I love Jane's little smile, and I still can't believe sometimes that she can just sit and have a snack with us... Our yard and patio isn't *officially* springtime-ready yet - there's still lots of cleaning up to do and patio cushions to get out, some flowerbed planting and power washing, but goodness, we've still been loving our afternoons out there when we can, and I LOVE all the time I can get soaking in this season with these two! It really does feel like a little moment in time that just needed framing. 

And there you have it - just a simple little afternoon captured in one picture that just makes me smile! Thanks as always for sharing your little snapshots too!! What a gift to get to thank the Lord for the seemingly tiny and ordinary, everyday moments!! Thanks for following along, and I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow!!

Here's to enjoying the little things, celebrating the big things, and soaking in all the moments in-between!! 
Sending lots of love this Thursday!

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