Friday, March 29, 2024

Friday Favorites - Easter, Prayer, and Traveling

HAPPY FRIDAY! It's been a short week in the blog world over here, but a long week on our calendars, and we are very much looking forward to this weekend ahead!! We love Easter weekend and are thankful for a weekend to celebrate the faith that we have in Jesus! Today I just have a few simple favorites for your Friday! Jane and I are off to finish up lots of laundry, cleaning the house and getting ready for a sweet weekend at home, but I hope you enjoy these little snapshots and you are finding lots of simple joys in your days too!! 

The first is remembering our sweet Easter weekend when Jane was just a few days old! We had a tiny newborn on our hands, streamed church that morning, and had family in town visiting to meet Jane, and boy does it feel like a lifetime ago and also just yesterday at the same time. 
This precious little one...a friend gifted us this amazing little bunny baby gown, and I couldn't have loved it more for that sweet day! You can read a little bit more about those first few days with Jane Arbel here
The year before Pierce and I were just soaking in that sweet weekend, not knowing that we'd be holding a tiny little girl just one year later! You can read about that Easter weekend a little more here

We're looking forward to this weekend too and remembering Christ's death and resurrection and the life we have through Him!! As always, if you have any questions about Jesus or faith or if you are in need of a Bible or prayer, it would be my biggest joy to hear from you!! 

Speaking of prayer, this precious little one is always teaching us so much when it comes to that, which is always a favorite. Multiple times throughout the day or a meal, she'll ask us to pray and always add about 10 things to it that we have forgotten - cheese on our plate, the blue cap that goes to the almond milk, her pink water cup from Costco, her yellow ball, you name it - we thank the Lord for it, but it ALWAYS makes us smile, and we are love her little prayerful heart so much already. 
Having her with us even in the early morning reading our Bibles definitely keeps us laughing!! I hope I always remember these sweet days, and I hope her love for Jesus always continues to grow!! 

Yesterday I shared a little about Jane's last flight as a "lap child," and I thought I would share a few of our favorites for the plane this last time! It has varied and changed as she's gotten older, but our favorites for this trip were DEFINITELY this little drawing pad. Honestly, this is just a favorite in general for always, but it was perfect for the flights. 
Also, these headphones. Pierce and I left the adapter for our phones at home, so they were truly not plugged in to anything the entire time, but she LOVED them. I had showed them to her the night before and she could not even wait to get on the airplane to put on her headphones 😂 They were adorable and just made me laugh, but were definitely a highlight! 
A very, very favorite for Jane, the plane, and to give as gifts are these reusable puffy sticker sets from Melissa and Doug. They are amazing quality, perfect for little hands and fingers and they really are just such perfect entertainment.
As a teacher, I know stickers are perfect for fine motor practice, and these are my very favorite!!! This kept her occupied for most of the flight honestly. She loved them!! 
Pierce's parents have sent her several little play kits, and this buckle toy is definitely a highlight. From the carseat to her baby doll carriers to anything and everything with a buckle, this is a fan-favorite right now, and this was a perfect plane accessory for sure!!  
And really, it goes without mentioning I'm sure, but snacks on snacks on snacks were really the favorites as well. We brought a few books and a few small crayons, but I tried to keep it simple and packed everything in my purse this time, and it was one of our best flights yet. I would love to hear any favorites of yours too as Jane gets older! I am always open ears to all your travel tips!! 

These days, would it even be a Friday Favorites post without a few simple snapshots from "ordinary" days at home?! They will forever and always be a favorite so close to my heart!! 
I love these sweet days so very much!!!

And lastly, my little kitchen helper. Jane and I have started making a loaf of sourdough on Thursdays so that we can bake it on Friday afternoon, and it has definitely become a favorite around here!! (I can't stop recommending "Laura Lives the Good Life" if you're interested at all in making sourdough! Her starter is amazing, and her directions for making so many amazing recipes are so easy to follow!!)

And really that about wraps up just a few snapshots from the past week. I'll be back next week to welcome in April and celebrate sweet Jane turning TWO!! How is time flying by so quickly?! Thanks as always for following along and thanks Erika and Andrea for the fun blog link-up today! 

I hope everyone has such a restful and refreshing Easter weekend!!! 
Sending lots of love this Friday!


  1. Love all of these pictures!!

  2. Aww! Beautiful photos, Jane really was so tiny!
    Those toys for the plane look fantastic fun especially the buckle toy. What a great idea.

    1. Thanks so much, Kim!! It's always crazy to look back and see how tiny she was!! And yes!! The buckle toy is definitely a favorite around here 🤗 Thanks for reading and following along!!!


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