Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Hello April 🌷

Happy APRIL!! Oh, this sweet month has become one of our favorites since Jane Arbel entered our lives almost two years ago!!! I now think of April as one of the sweetest of the twelve, and we can't wait for all that's in store for this month!!

On Friday we get to celebrate sweet Jane turning TWO and then again on Saturday morning with a few close friends and family. We are so looking forward to her sweet weekend!! We have small group twice this month, a trip on the books for a marriage conference we're so looking forward to, and then Pierce and I have a fun early 30th birthday trip for him planned at the end of the month - it's a full one, but one we're very much looking forward to as well!!! 

We're hoping our house will officially and finally all put back together, upstairs and down. We have a lot less items than we did at the beginning of January, but a few more functional spaces, including the fun that's been trying my hand at a sweet little "Big Girl" room for Jane. (You can take a look at one our most recent "closet" projects here as well!)

We love the spring of working in our yard, planting flowers and helping outside come to life for all the fun that summer brings with it! We can't believe that after this month, only May will be left until we meet Sweet Baby Riddick #2!! A lot of things finish up in May for the summer, and it only feels right to be ending so many seasons as we prepare for the next!! 

Spring 2024, you will be a busy one, but one that we are thankful for, excited for, and are ready for!! Hope everyone has the VERY best April 2nd today!! I would love to know what's coming up for your sweet month as well!! Thanks as always for following along, and I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow!!

Sending lots of blessings this morning!!
Happy APRIL!!! 🌷

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