Wednesday, June 28, 2023

What's Up Wednesday [June 2023]

Oh June, you've been a good one!!! Today I thought it'd be fun to jump into the What's Up Wednesday link-up for June. It's been such a fun month, and here's just a little look at what we've up to recently!! 

What We've Been Eating:
We've been eating lots of summer fruit around here...
Lots of salads... 
And lots of home-cooked meals...
But we also loved our dinner out on Friday night... 
Pierce's steak was amazing... 
Our fries tasted incredible after so many weeks without them... 
And dessert was amazing....all courtesy of The 404 Kitchen!

What We're Reminiscing About:
Two years ago almost to the day, we were soaking up the sun in Cancun for a week!! We love looking back on this sweet trip that was just the two of us!! 
I can almost smell the ocean air from here!! 

What We're Loving:
I'm loving my afternoons with Jane... 
And soaking up as many snuggles with her as I can!! 

What We've Been Up To:

Our June could probably be summed up as we've been reading, walking, exercising, planting grass, cooking, enjoying the long summer days, and watching The Mole.. hahahah more on that in a minute! 

What We're Dreading:

There isn't much to dread in the summer over here!! Other than the hot days that make it harder to be outside!! 

What We're Working On:
Oh, summer crafts...
I had a few friends with babies over for a little 4th of July fun! It's always fun to get to pull a little creative fun in my days after every day being so full of that in the classroom! 

What We're Excited About:
A simple joy for me in the summer is icing my leftover hot tea from that morning! It just makes the afternoon a little more fun! 

What We've Been Watching/Reading: guys. Pierce and I have truly been LOVING this show. A friend in our small group mentioned it recently, and my family had watched the original way back when. They recently brought it back and it's a series on Netflix, and I don't remember a show that has hooked us more 😂 We honestly just don't really watch a whole lot these days, but we've been excited to watch an episode every night after we put Jane to sleep. It's like a Survivor meets Clue type of show - it's a fun one if you're looking for something new to watch!!! 
As for reading, I shared on this on Friday, but Pierce's mom was so generous and gifted me with this Kindle for my birthday in May. So, most weekends and nights...
You can find us curled up reading. Pierce has maybe agreed to do a joint book review with me...I would be happy to do them, but my genre doesn't hold an extreme amount of variety recently, but with his, it might be a fun post to do soon!! 

What We've Been Listening To:

I've been listening to Joanna Gaines' The Stories We Tell, we've been loving our summer playlist, and we sometimes take turns listening to each other's podcasts at night if we have dishes leftover to do 😂 

What We've Been Wearing:
I personally love wearing white in the summer. Even something as simple as a bright white t-shirt just makes it feel like summer to me!! If I could have a piece of every clothing in white, I definitely would!! 

What We're Doing This Weekend:
We are headed up to Louisville to celebrate July 4th!! Bring on the sunshine, pool, croquet, lots of watermelon, and family time! 

What We're Looking Forward To Next Month:
We love July around here!! From July 4th to so much more fun and summer...
And we are also so looking forward to celebrating this sweet little niece of ours turning ONE!! We're excited to spend a weekend with Pierce's family in a few weeks celebrating all that the Lord has done this past year!! 

What We're Thankful For:
This summer has already bene so sweet! With this little family of three... 
And lots of time with Pierce too... June was definitely a month with lots of gratefulness!!! 

And that was just a little bit about our month... We are looking forward to more summer goodness in July!! Hope yours has been just as great!! Thanks Shay and Sheaffer for the fun blog link-up!

I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow!!


  1. Two questions: 1) Do you have a recipe for that first salad? Yum. 2) Where did you get the muslin blanket that Jane is wrapped up in? It's perfect for summer sleeping.

    1. Hey Kerry!! Oh my I need to write that down now to share - it's a summer salad we have all the time! I think we've learned the tip is just chopping everything really well/small, from the lettuce to the vegetables, and then mixing it all together in a big bowl before we eat it! I think this one is lettuce, tomatoes, celery, avocado, grilled chicken, slivered almonds, walnuts, mixed with a little feta then a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, and 21 Seasonings for the dressing! We will have to do a post on this soon! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

      And that sweet blanket is just about my favorite baby item ever!! It's from a brand called Bundl :) Here is the link!! It really is perfect for summer!!

      Hope you have the best weekend!!!

  2. What a fun June! I love all the yummy fresh food you guys have been eating! Looks delicious! And I love those cute little crafts! What a great idea to have friends over to make a cute craft! I used to teach too! What grade do you teach? Have fun in Louisville! -Holley

    1. Aww it really has been a fun June!! Yes!!! It's been something I've been meaning to do for so long, and this was my "trial run" 😉 I've been dreaming of doing something once a month maybe to go along with the season!!

      And aww that is the best!!! 🍎 I taught 5th, 2nd, and then Junior Kindergarten, and this past year stayed home with Jane and tutored math! What did you teach?! Always love a fellow teacher 🥰 And thank you!! Happy 4th to you guys too!!!


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