Thursday, May 23, 2024

Frame This Moment - "Big Sister Class"

Happy Thursday!!! I love to just take a little time in the middle of the week to "frame a moment" as a little snapshot to remember the little things in life... This one is a sweet one from this past weekend with little Jane. 💕
We signed Jane up for a "Great Bigs" class at our sweet little birth center, and we loved getting to watch her learn all about becoming a "big sister." We've been talking about the baby for months now, but she learned some songs, learned to swaddle and rock the baby, and even changed a diaper on a baby doll. She has been telling all of our neighbors about "changing a diaper," and I think she's still amazed that a baby doll could wear a diaper hahaha 
It was the sweetest morning seeing this little one in "class" and meeting "new friends" with so many others becoming big brothers and sisters too. 
Her favorite part for sure!!! 
I love this little one and can't wait to watch her become a big sister in real life. She will be a great one!!! 

And that's just a little snapshot and moment in time to frame. One I hope to remember - her sweet little self so eager and excited to love on some baby dolls, sitting so close to the teacher as she was reading books, and shaking her little shaker as we learned the new songs. We are praying for her transition as we become a family of four, and this was a sweet reminder of specific things to pray for in the next few weeks and months. 

Thanks for following along and thanks as always for sharing yours too! They always make my day!! I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow! 

Sending lots of love!!! 
Happy Thursday!

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