Thursday, May 16, 2024

Frame This Moment - Thank You Notes

Happy Thursday!!! And a little moment in time to frame day!! Today's was from a week or two ago when Pierce snapped these one morning when he was working from home. 
One of my biggest weaknesses is thank you notes...for some reason, I always have the BEST intentions, but these are sometimes the first thing to fall down on my list. For Jane's birthday though, so many of our sweet neighbors and family came and she had the BEST time with so many sweet little thoughtful gifts, so I knew I wanted to make them a priority this time. 
I grabbed some card-stock, markers and paint and we went a more creative, but simple route and just did a little handprint for the "O" in YOU. She was SO excited to paint, and I loved getting to do a few crafts with her that morning. Pierce snapping these made my day. I love that she's started loving these little craft mornings, and I find it's ALWAYS worth getting out the paint, no matter what the occasion is. 
She had the best time helping me draw on the inside while I wrote a few words to say thank you, and it's been the sweetest watching her deliver them to our neighbors. We have the sweetest little community and cul-de-sac and knocking on the door to deliver her note has definitely been a highlight this week. 
I know these little mornings will sure look different in a few weeks, but I hope to always remember how special it is to take a little extra time to do something that we both love and that blesses others as well. 

And there's just a simple little "Frame This Moment" for you today! Thanks as always for sharing yours and for following along as well! Here's to enjoying the little things, celebrating the big things, and soaking in all the moments in-between!

Sending lots of love this Thursday!!


I love hearing from you!! Thanks for following along in this little journey of ours!