Friday, May 17, 2024

Friday Favorites - Snapshots, Birthdays, and Small Group

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! We are so glad it's the weekend over here and are so looking forward a few days of rest and a fun grill-out on Sunday with our small group as we kick-off summer. Today I just have a few favorites from the week over here - mainly just a few snapshots from all of our favorite little events that have happened. I hope you're finding lots of simple joys in your days as well!! Here are a few of ours!! 

The first is this little picture with Jane. I think it will always be a favorite. Jane came with me to our little Baby #2 shower this past weekend, and she LOVED picking out her dress and getting to go be one of "the girls" as she calls them. I asked her if she wanted to take a little picture with me before we left, and she held my hand, smiled and crossed her little feet, and it instantly became a favorite for me. Love this little one so much!! 

And love this second little one too!! We are 37 weeks over here and getting oh so very close!!!

The second was all the time I got with these two celebrating this past week. I wrote a little bit more about it here, but from birthdays to Mother's Day and lunches out together, it was definitely a weekend that I loved so very much with two of my very favorites!! 

Speaking of favorites, celebrating Pierce's 30th was definitely a highlight! From our time in Destin to carrot cake making with Jane, he is easy to celebrate and May 9th is always a favorite over here!!

It's on my list to make a few spring/summer crafts this next week or so with Jane, but in the meantime, it was so sweet getting to make a few "Thank You" Notes for so many that came and made her birthday so special. I wrote a little bit more about it here, but it was definitely a fun and favorite little memory! 

And lastly, this sweet small group has been such a blessing to us over the last four and a half years! As another season comes to an end, we are celebrating with a grill-out on Sunday after church, saying goodbye to our co-leaders for the past three years who are moving this summer, and praying over another couple as they welcome their first little one this coming week. We have seen a lot of life, a lot of tears, a lot of joy, and a lot of prayers as we've walked through life together, and we could not be more thankful! We are looking forward to seeing where the Lord takes us all and what this fall will look like!! 

And that about does it for a few of our Friday Favorites and snapshots over here... We are off to enjoy this sweet weekend!! I'll plan on seeing you back here next week!! Thanks Erika and Andrea for a fun blog link-up today!! 

Sending lots of love!

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