Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Snapshots from Destin 2024

Well in honor of Pierce's birthday last week, I thought it would be a perfect time to share a few snapshots from our time in Destin to celebrate!! 

We chose to go a few weeks earlier so we'd have a few extra weeks before baby came, and we loved that we got to be back at the beach on a 27th too!!
My sweet parents came down and picked Jane up, so we all headed out Friday morning - Jane was LOVING getting to ride in Papa and Nana's car, and we couldn't believe we didn't have a carseat in the back! 
We stopped in Birmingham for a little fresh smoothie bowl on the way down - it definitely made it feel like we were beach-bound! 
And we made it to the white-sandy beaches right before sunset! 
It was beautiful!! 
And we loved putting our sweatshirts on and taking a little beach walk that first night there!! 
The next day, we HAD to stop by such a special little place to us!! 
This little house is where Pierce and I celebrated with so many family and friends five and a half years ago! We had our ceremony on the sand and the reception in the backyard, and it is still to this day one of our VERY favorite days ever!! You can see a few more pictures from that sweet beach house here
The rest of our days, we pretty much camped out here all day, every day. 
We had our very favorite cooler that a sweet friend had gifted us and filled it with all of the beach essentials. 
I started and finished this sweet new Denise Hunter book, and I can't even tell you the last time I read a whole book in one weekend. It was just pure relaxation and fun with the waves and salty air!! 
When we were in Cancun a few summers ago, our love for macaroons really began when our resort had an endless supply that you can enjoy on the beach...
Fast forward three years later, and we HAD to get some macaroons for our days on the beach! Still just our very, very favorite!! 
We took lots of walks, documented being on the beach with this second little baby!! 
And enjoyed all the pretty beach sunsets!! 
The last night we tried to snap a few windy pics before dinner! 
I love him and loved getting to celebrate his birthday a few days early!! 
We just soaked up as much of this ocean air as we could!!
The last morning, we enjoyed all the morning quiet time that is harder to find these days at home... Pierce had grabbed us our old Starbucks order that morning, and we were loving that extra special morning!!
On the ride home, Pierce listened to a podcast for a bit while I read the last few pages of my book, and we soaked up the last few hours of just the two of us before we picked up our little Jane that night! It was SO sweet to see her again, and we are SO thankful for my parents who made it the sweetest vacation for her as well. I think Jane has said, "Papa and Nana house AGAIN pleeeeease!" more than we've said, "I wish we were back on the beach!" Hahahah 

It was the perfect little getaway, and we're so thankful for the blessing of getting in even a small little beach trip before this second little one joins our family in just a few short weeks! 

Thanks for following along, and we are already counting down till our big family beach trip this fall! This time with two little ones and a whole lot of fun!! 

I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow! 
Sending lots of love!

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  1. Such a fun time getting a little trip the two of you before baby!! I'm SO excited for you guys getting so close to those sweet baby snuggles and getting to see Jane as a big sister!!! Where is your bring pink top from?? I am loving bright colors this seaon!


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