Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Let's Look - Summer Staples

Ah Happy Wednesday friends!! Today I thought it would be fun to jump on board with the Let's Look Blog link-up and share some Summer Staples around here!!

I think today is technically summer "closet" staples, but with my closet looking a little different this summer with a little baby coming in just a few weeks, I have some tried and true closet staples, some maternity fun, and also just a few of our go-to summer staples in general!! It's a happy, summery post, and I can't wait to grab some ideas too for these fun summer months!!! 
First, a new summer/beach fun staple for me is a white linen shirt. My mom picked this up last summer for me, and I had no idea how much I would LOVE it as a summer staple. I wore it throughout our last family beach trip, anytime I just wanted a light linen top... 
And it even came to Destin with us last week and worked as a little maternity cover-up! Also, if you are on the lookout for maternity summer swimsuits and outfits, I can't recommend PinkBlush enough. Every few days, they do a 30% off sale and I have loved so many little items from there these last two pregnancies! 
Another great swimsuit recommendation if you're looking for comfortable, cute and modest is DM Fashion. I've found great ones there throughout the years, and they are always worth the investment!! Albion Fit is another great one to look into as well!!
Another summer staple that I don't know if I could go without is a blank linen romper... I purchased one the summer before we got married and have worn it SO many times!!! From Cancun three summer ago...
To our honeymoon five and a half years ago... 
To Belize last spring, it is definitely my go-to travel outfit!! 
Add a little denim shirt, a Madewell purse and a sparkling water and you end up matching your bestie in the airport!! 
Another favorite over here is these blue jean shorts. I don't normally buy too many clothes off of Amazon, but I found these a few summers ago, and I just love them!!
They are just fun and my favorite go-to 4th of July shorts!! 
This year, I found some maternity jean shorts from Madewell though if you're looking for a great pair and couldn't love them more!!
And I know this isn't "summer," but if you're on the lookout for good maternity jeans, Madewell is my very, very favorite place!! I think they are just absolutely worth the investment and by far my favorite maternity staple!! 
And lastly, summer dresses. This one isn't maternity per-say, but it's a great piece, and I have worn it everywhere from parent conferences to Jane's birthday party!! 
It was my first day of school dress and parent night dress...
And I have it in navy too and have worn it to multiple rehearsal dinners and events. (I was actually 4 1/2 months pregnant with Jane here and loved it as a maternity dress then too!)
Now to a few summer favorites that aren't necessarily closet related, but still favorites for us over here!! First up is this Flamingo Raft. We bought him a few summers ago for my parents' pool, and it's still a summer favorite for us! 
It's just fun and bright and big and a perfect addition!
This was a few summers ago, but Jane was loving it last summer too!! 
And speaking of Jane, this Flamingo's best friend joined us on our Belize Sailing Vacation last year, and he was a hit too!!!
Having the whole fam in the ocean was definitely a fun night!! (We also loved this life jacket for Jane on that trip!!)
Secondly, this little float for Jane. 
This was little Jane at just a few months old, and she loved floating around the water in it in the evening...goodness, that little one with hardly any hair in her pink checked swimsuit...How has time gone by so quickly!!
We grabbed the next size up when we went to Belize last spring, and it comes in a small box with a little pump and was the perfect little float to pack! 
She loved floating around in the ocean!! And we have always felt safe with her in it - it holds her perfectly and is always a hit! (Her little hat was also a big summer favorite last year! I've loved that it kept it's shape, fit well on her head, and was big enough to shade her!) 
Another summer staple - our two favorite sunscreens. Beauty by Earth and Baby Badger. We use these all the time. I have tried a lot of more natural sunscreens, and often I just love zinc and coconut oil, but when we were on our Sailing trip last year, these two became my go-tos. I loved them mixed, loved them separate, loved them for Jane! I like the Baby Badger and love their clean ingredients, and the Beauty by Earth sunscreen could not smell better or more like summer to me!!! I use this on my nose/cheeks all the time when we're on the go in the summer!! (I love all of Beauty by Earth too - they are a great brand!!) 
This little YETI can cooler is another summer favorite. We use them this all the time. We love drinking sparkling waters in the summer, on walks, at the pool or the beach, and this little guy keeps them cold throughout the day!! A favorite for us for sure!! 
And a new summer favorite for us is this RTIC insulated cooler. A sweet friend from our small group gave us this for Christmas, and he had it personalized with our last name, which was just so thoughtful. Pierce and I took it to the beach last weekend and used it all day every day. I'm sure it will be going with us on every future trip now and many summer days as well!! It was such a thoughtful gift and a favorite for sure!! 

And those are just a few of our summer favorites over here!! I'm sure there are many more, but those are the ones that first came to mind! I can't wait to hear all of your recommendations for the summer too!! Thanks for following along and thanks Shay and Erika for the fun blog link-up today too!!

I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow as we are celebrating such a fun BIRTHDAY!!
Send lots of love on this May morning!!


  1. ordering that baby floatie asap for Graham this summer :) Also, NOTHING compares to supergoop sunscreen. Highly recommend next time you're needing a restock. I usually wait for a sale to buy. We have a big jug of it we keep by the pool and a smaller one to throw in a bag. No natural sunscreen I've ever used has rubbed in so easy!! I'm also planning on grabbing the new pipette mineral sunscreen stick for baby's face & Emilia's LOL (we LOVE their baby lotion and soap!) also the roe mineral sunscreen brush powder to put on Emilia's scalp this summer while she's at summer camp!! I'm sure there are many other things I could recommend, but the sunscreen topic is always one I'm passionate about lol!!

    1. Oh I LOVE this!!! I'll have to look into these!!! SO many great recommendations!!! Thank you!!!! I'm also so glad you told me about Pipette because I've been looking for a good shampoo/conditioner for Jane and am going to look into their company more!! Ah thanks! Keep ALL of the reccomendations coming, you know I love them!!!! :)

    2. AND I hope you love the floatie for Graham!! What a fun summer I know you guys have in store!!

    3. Yes! Piepette is new to us, but started using when I was looking for a clean brand for Graham and I'm loving the lotion, soap, and the baby balm. Target has the brand on sale this week so I just bought 2 sunscreen sticks. I'll be able to report back on that in the next few weeks!

      For Emilia's hair, we have used hello bello (walmart brand) and then we used eva nyc mane magic (Target). We now both use the costco Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner that is a dupe for pureology and we love it! :)


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