Thursday, May 9, 2024

Happy Birthday to Pierce!!!

 It's May 9th and one of our very favorite days celebrating one of our very favorite people!!! 
Pierce, you are SO easy to celebrate!!! 
You're our VERY favorite dad, husband and friend, and I'm so glad there's a day we get to celebrate all the little and big things!!
From watching you work so hard this year... 
To watching you love on Jane... 
And be such a leader to her in so many ways including her faith... 
To all the fun and simple and sweet days and nights at home... 
Watching you do the things you love... 
And loving on us all the same too!! 
You're my favorite to travel with, adventure with, and cozy up at home with! 
And Jane and I are so glad there's a day to celebrate YOU!! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIERCE!!! We love you and are SO grateful for you!!!

I'm off to celebrate our favorite today!! And the celebration continues this weekend with Mother's Day and my birthday too on Sunday, so I will plan on being back here early next week with lots of May and fun updates!! Thanks for following along and celebrating with us during this fun month!! 

Sendings lots of love on this May 9th!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Pierce! I hope it's a blessed day filled with love, joy and cake too!

    1. Oh thank you, Kerry!!! It was such a special day!! And we of course had a carrot cake to top it off ☺️ Thanks for reading and for your sweet comment and birthday wishes!

  2. Happy birthday to Pierce and also to you!!! And happy mothers day! You guys are going to have an incredible weekend of all the celebrations - you deserve it :)

    1. Thanks, Alisha!!! My goodness, it was definitely a weekend full of celebrations, but we had the best time soaking it all in!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! And Happy Mother's Day to you too!!! Hope it was a great weekend!!!


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