Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Spring/Summer Crafts ☀️🎨

Happy Middle of May!!! Today I thought it would be fun to share a few Spring/Summer Crafts that Jane and I have had so much fun making!!  

It's been on my list for a while to get some sunshine and fun into our playroom, and this week, it just felt like the perfect time to grab some paint and try out some ideas. The sun is shining and summer is almost here and with baby #2 almost here as well, I thought it was the perfect time for a little craft day with Jane! 

I thought I'd give a little closer look at a few of the things we made incase you're looking for a fun spring/summer project as well!! 

Here's all you need for these:
  • Paint (This is my favorite little kit - you can find this at any Target or craft store too)
  • Paper (I actually have a stash of colored card stock that I like to use for these crafts, but construction paper is perfect too!!) I used mainly white for most of these with a few pieces pink, green and blue for the flip flops! And a little brown for the flower pot. 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Optional: I like to use a paint brush to brush her hands and feet, but I've used my fingers plenty of times too. I like to have wipes on hand for an easy and quick clean-up. 

I had come across these sunflowers a while ago and knew I wanted to try them! Jane had so much fun doing lots of handprints in a row, and they are some of my favorite additions to our playroom!! 
  • I just painted her little hand yellow and we did six or seven handprints in a circle. 
  • For the orange-y one, I mixed a little orange and yellow paint together. 
  • Then after they dried, she did little brown finger prints in the middle. She LOVED this part. "Own please," was a popular phrase during that part hahaha 
  • Then she "helped" me paint a little green stem and leaf in each corner. 😉 
  • They were seriously SO easy and are definitely one of my favorite little crafts we've done!! 🌻 

This was SO, SO easy also, and I loved throwing it in a quick frame for a little summer fun! 
  • I really just painted her hand three different colors for each handprint. (I didn't wait till each color dried completely, and I think I would if I was going to do it again.)
  • Then Jane really did help me with the stem and the leaves on this one. Again, "Own please." 😂 
  • It's simple and sweet and just feels like spring and summer to me though! 

Ok, these are SO cute. And definitely take the longest, but still pretty simple and such a sweet little summertime gift/craft to give. I can't get over how cute they turned out though, and I love having her little foot size frozen in time too!!
  • We painted her feet two different colors and did two footprints of each color on white card stock.
  • Then after they dried, I cut out her feet and then cut out a border with colorful card stock. 
  • Then I cut two thin strips of card stock for the straps.
  • I cut a slit in the footprint and put the two thin strips through the slit, glued the ends down and then wrapped it around the footprint and glued the other ends down. 
  • They really did turn out so cute, and it was such a fun little summer craft!
So fun!! 

For this one, I haven't officially decided what I'm going to do to "finish" it. Maybe add her name to the flowerpot or some clouds and sky, but this one was really just so easy and sweet.
  • We did a green handprint and then added a yellow dot with her finger on each stem. 
  • Then I let her/glided her finger to make the "petals" in different colors. 
  • I cut out a brown flowerpot at the end and you can glue it on or cut out the flowers as one whole, so it's a little bit smaller of a craft. It's a simple and sweet one! 

And this one might have been the most simple of all, but one we had to try. 
  • We painted a pink footprint, then I added a green stripe for the watermelon rind and three little black dots for the seeds. 
  • Easy and so sweet and would be such a sweet little craft to gift too!! 
And that about wraps up the ins and outs of these little ones! I hope if you're looking for a little inspiration, these have been fun to think about trying out!
I really just love having some fun things in our playroom that make it really feel like the season outside!
I let Jane free paint a lot that morning too, so of course one of her pieces made it up too!! 
Just a fun, bright summery addition to our home for a little while!! I need to add Jane's name and date at the bottom for sure! 
Thanks for following along, and I always love hearing and seeing your ideas too if you have some fun ones for the season!!! 

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I'll plan on seeing you back here tomorrow!!
Sending lots of love on this Wednesday!

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