Thursday, May 30, 2024

Frame This Moment - Summer Pool Days 💦🍉☀️

Happy, happy Thursday!!! And Frame This Moment Day!! One of my very favorite days of the week just taking a minute to frame a moment in time and try to remember the little and ordinary things that oftentimes get overlooked. It's become one of my very favorite little practices and today's Frame This Moment is a special one from this past weekend... 
This little one LOVES Papa and Nana's house and has been SO excited this season about their pool opening. She has been saying, "JUMP Daddy's arms! JUMP Mommy's arms! Jump Nana and Papa's arms!" And was SO excited about putting her swimsuit on to go swimming. I found a little pair of sunglasses that had been stashed away in her drawer, grabbed a sweet hand-me-down swimsuit and we were off for one of the sweetest afternoons. 
She was SO excited, and I just couldn't love that little face more! 
The whole weekend is just such a special one to remember. She really was LOVING jumping into Daddy's arms! And really just into the water in general. 
Last year, she was a little timid at first, but this year, she was quite fearless and truly having SO much fun. She was in and out and starting to kick, playing with "toys," standing in Daddy's arms, and of course wanted to do things on her "own," which can be a bit tricky when you're learning to swim 😂 We just had so much fun with her though, and I think it's a weekend we won't soon forget! 
Little Jane, we love how much you love the water and sunshine, and we love having so much fun with you! Here's to many more summer pool days ahead! 💦🍉☀️

And there's just a little moment in time to frame! I can't believe just two years ago she was floating around as a little three month old and now she's squealing and laughing as she jumps in...goodness, time really doesn't slow down!! 

Thanks for following along and thanks as always to sharing your moments too!! To a picture-loving girl, they always make my day!!! If you want to take a look at other "Frame This Moment" posts, you can find all of them here

I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow!!
Sending lots of love and wishing everyone the very best start to summer too!! 

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