Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Happy May!!!

Happy MAY 1st!!! We are back from the beach and goodness, I cannot believe we are already here!! I really do LOVE the month of the May!!!! 

There is so much sweetness to this month - from the sunshine and flowers and garden starting to mine and Pierce's birthdays to Mother's Day, the "end of the school year," Memorial Day Weekend, and the beginning of summer. Not to mention, this year it's a special month for our family because it's the last full month of this little family of three over here... It all feels a little crazy, a little fun, a whole lot of busy, and one we're very much looking forward to!!

We talked a lot this past weekend on the beach about how many of our commitments are coming to an end this month and how many calendar events are penciled in for the month, but we are looking forward to each and every one, and I always LOVE a new month - it just feels like a brand new fresh start. 

We have lots of goals and to-dos before Baby #2, but our biggest is just soaking up as much family time with Jane as we can this month!! And we are so looking forward to it!! 

What does your May look like?! I'm sure it's busy, as this month always tends to be, but I hope it's full of sweet blessings as well!!! Thanks as always for following along in this journey - it's so fun to be back!! 

Here's to such a wonderful start to the sweetest month of May!!! 
I'll plan to see you back here tomorrow!
Sending lots of love!

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