Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What's Up Wednesday [May 2024]

Happy Wednesday!! I hope everyone had such a great Memorial Day Weekend!! We sure loved the time we got to spend with family!! I thought today I would share a few of our favorites from the past few weeks and a little of what's been going on in the Riddick Family during the month of May. Hope this month has been full of many blessings for you as well!! 

Here's a little look at ours... 

What We've Been Eating:
We've been loving these strawberry limeade electrolytes. We love all of Just Ingredients things, but these just feel like summer right now! 
May was filled with lots of celebrations, and Jane helped me make a carrot cake for Pierce's birthday that we loved eating on through our birthdays! 
We also had such an amazing steak dinner out for Pierce's birthday - we loved getting to use our gift card on this sweet dinner celebration!! 
We also loved celebrating with a little outdoor patio seating on a special Mother's Day and Birthday combo too!! You can read a little more about that special week here
And a current favorite right now is a little fondue with lots of cut up fruit for a little late night snack. 

What We're Reminiscing About:
Goodness, we love May 26th to be able to look back and celebrate the start to such a sweet journey in this little Riddick fam... 
And we realized this past weekend that we were back on the same front porch the exact same day six years later, so we had to take a little snapshot to recreate that special day! It's still one of our very favorites! You can read a little bit more about that sweet engagement day here

What We're Loving:
Well, this little girl is loving her new "cozy room" as she calls it and is officially sleeping in her "cozy bed," which is so sweet and crazy all at the same time. 

What We've Been Up To:
Really, just lots of simple and sweet days at home...our very, very favorite!!
Evenings out on our patio...
How was this already a year ago?! 
Working on puzzles...
Shopping with Mommy and pushing her very own cart... 
A few fun mornings out... 
Sidewalk chalk art... 
Tucking Mommy into bed for nap...a game I could get used to hahaha 
And lots and lots of books, reading and cozying up... We just love it all!!

What We're Dreading:

There's really not a lot to dread around here... except maybe our hours of sleep that we know we'll be missing here in just a week or two... 

What We're Working On:

Well it's no surprise that we've been on an upstairs house project kick... 
And we finally and officially took this mess of a closet in our old guest room/studio.... 
And added shelves to make it Jane's new little closet. It's still a work in progress getting it all set-up, but goodness does it feel good to almost be officially done with our little upstairs reno... 

What We're Excited About:
I just LOVE having new little art to hang in our takes me back to my teaching days, helps ring in new seasons, and I love that Jane is starting to love making, creating and showing people when they come over too... You can find a few of these fun little spring/summer crafts here

What We've Been Watching/Reading:

We loved keeping up with Next Level Chef, Survivor and Amazing Race this spring... And now are just counting down till The Olympics this summer!! 

What We've Been Listening To:

From Steven Curtis Chapman on Saturday mornings making pancakes to our spring playlists in the car and audio books and podcasts on walks and doing dishes, I feel like we have been listening to it all recently. 

What We've Been Wearing:
I've been making a few things in my closet still work even with this little one growing fast these last few weeks... 
Jane has been loving wearing lots of little spring and summer dresses these past few weeks too... 
And I loved getting to try on a birthday gift for this new little one while matching Jane with our baby carriers! 

What We're Doing This Weekend:
Well we might not be headed out to the pool, but we are hoping to soak up as much outside time and sunshine as we can!!

What We're Looking Forward To Next Month:
Oh June, we've been waiting for you for so long and can't wait to welcome sweet little Baby #2!!

What We're Thankful For:
I will just always, always be thankful for these two and the little one that is joining us so very soon!! Truly so grateful to the Lord! 

And really that about wraps up just a little look at our May... We love all that May holds and can't believe we are so close to June...a month we really have been counting down till for nine months now... Thanks for following along on this journey and hope your May has been just as sweet!! Thanks Shay and Sheaffer for the fun blog link-up!! 

I'll plan on seeing you back here tomorrow!!
Lots of blessings, 


  1. Ohh I'm going to look into those electrolytes! I've been looking for some good ones. Love the matching baby carriers 😍

    1. Yes!! You will love the electrolytes!! I have been waiting for the Raspberry Lemonade to come back in stock because I have a feeling those will taste amazing too!! And aww yes!!! Still just the sweet Christmas gift for Jane!!! 🥰 Can't wait to wear them together soon!!!

  2. Did you guys redo the nursery?! or is it the same and you guys just move Jane's stuff out?? SO CLOSE TO BABY!!

    1. Goodness, we mainly just cleaned and freshened it up a bit - almost all of Jane's things are now in her room which feels a bit crazy and bittersweet!!! I think I'll add some boy or girl touches when the baby gets here though ☺️ But yes! We are SO close!!! It feels crazy and sweet all at the same time!! ☺️🥰💕💙🙏🏼


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